View Full Version : Quiz 13th July 2008

08-Jul-08, 15:54
Hey quiz fans usual time in e chat! Mixed bag I think as my head is full of mince at the mo!

10-Jul-08, 10:47
I'll be giving it a miss but 'cos I'm on holiday but hope it's a good one wifie. I'll be back in a couple of weeks.

10-Jul-08, 10:51
Apology for absence received Jox - maybe someone else will get a chance then - for a fortnight at least!
(Wifie hums - "We're all goin on a summer holiday!") Enjoy yer hols mate! :cool:

13-Jul-08, 17:07
Might drop in if the Org doesn`t crash as it usualy does on a Sunday night.

13-Jul-08, 18:02
What is that I am hearing the voice of doom? Sounds like a bus engine to me ;)

13-Jul-08, 22:51
A fair prediction though

13-Jul-08, 22:53
Might drop in if the Org doesn`t crash as it usualy does on a Sunday night.

Ya bloomin' jinx LOL!

13-Jul-08, 22:58
Does anyone want next weeks lottery numbers yet?:lol:

13-Jul-08, 23:04
Aye Jonah yer gettin a beeg slap next time I am in Thirsa!!! [evil]

PS For all interested parties I am going to declare on Q19 which was answered and scored. It was a tie and I have contacted the parties involved re the winner situation and will post when I have heard back from both!
Thanks to all who took part!

lynne duncan
14-Jul-08, 09:37
have we received any reason why the systems goes up the swanny every sunday, could we confuse the system and try a quiz on another night!!!

14-Jul-08, 11:12
OK here they are - the scores on the doors!

Third - 19 points - Rie - well done!
Second - 25 points (5 x 3pt answers) - Trucker - well done!!
Winner - 25 points (6 x 3pt answers) - Venture - well done missus and welcome to the world of the quizzie!!!

I think it seems that the Org gets busy on a Sunday evening (maybe I am wrong and someone could give us an answer) and it cannot cope with the volume which obviously has a detrimental effect on the quiz. It is a shame but would another night work? Don't know what the answer is - any thoughts? Anyone?