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21-Jun-03, 09:55
If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want me to put you off, please don’t bother reading on…

Still here? Okay. I went to see the Matrix: Reloaded last night… what a waste of an evening - definitely NOT worth the wait. IMHO that film has been way over-hyped.

I did like the first film – quite a lot actually. It possibly wasn’t the best film ever as some would have you believe, but it was good. I was really looking forward to this new one being released. Wow!!! What a mistake….

Okay, so first, did anybody else notice the longest gratuitous sex-scene in the world, ever!! What on earth was that all about? I appreciate a good sex-scene as much as the next man (or woman), but this one just had no purpose whatsoever. Since we had already seen Neo wake up next to Trinity the scene wasn’t included to confirm their relationship – in fact, I can think of only two reasons for it being there: either it was to give us a chance to see Trinity’s/Neo’s naked bum (which ever takes your fancy), or it was to fill a five minute gap when they had nothing better to do. Either way, not a problem really, but why, oh why, did it have to go on for so long (and with all that stupid dancing going on too)???

Speaking of filling five minutes… how many characters did you spot who seem to have been written into the script just so Neo/Morpheus/Trinity can have something to do? Take, for example, that French bloke… he’s in the film because???? Oh, that’s right… it’s so that his henchmen can give Neo a chance to show off his amazing fighting skills for another fifteen minutes!!!!! The guard protecting the Oracle??? Ah, another chance for Neo to have a little fight.

Likewise, there were some scenes which were included, it seemed, simply to give the CGI team a chance to show off their skills. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch CGI. I find it fascinating just how much they can do (and how well). But when every single scene involving a human doing anything at all risky or complicated becomes CGI it does get a little bit much. It doesn’t matter how good the team are who do the CGI, you can still tell it isn’t really a human on screen… nobody can shave that well or iron that well. In the immortal words of my girlfriend as we left, ‘If I’d wanted to see a computer game I could have stayed at home and watched you on the GameCube’.

Anyway, the last thirty minutes of the film were okay (the part where it actually developed a stimulating plot line that required a little thought to follow). If it weren’t for the last thirty minutes I don’t think I’d care if I saw the third film or not.

What did you think of it?

21-Jun-03, 10:56
Not seen it but a colleague went to see it a couple of weeks ago and siad the same JJC, well over-rated and not a patch on the first movie.

21-Jun-03, 12:29
Possible Plot Spoiler Ahead!!

Have to admit I walked out shaking my head - but then that could have been down to the totally pointless "rave" scene. I mean you're all going to die so what do you do - take drugs and party of course!!

As has been said the first film broke some new ground with the freeze frame fancypants filming, which seems to have been copied in everyfilm since, so I suppose we have something to be thankful for, and I think I have just about grasped what it is all about, but Reloaded has just confused me.

I wish now I had spent the time watching "Finding Nemo" - at least the CGI in that looks like it could be fun as well as clever........

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