View Full Version : Ormlie Community Summer Workshops/Thurso

04-Jul-08, 14:03
for kids under 9, and over 9.... two more weeks to run, but so far been really good!!

04-Jul-08, 15:49
i had my wee one there on wednesday with my sisters wee boy as he lives in the area and she loved it

04-Jul-08, 20:00
What is happening? Is it a sort of playscheme?

04-Jul-08, 20:11
when my wee had went they had people in who had made instruments from recycled stuff and playing music ect, my sister says they get to make things aswell... paint clay ect

05-Jul-08, 17:36
summer playschemes/workshops, hour and a half in the morning for under 9s, hour and a half in the afty for over 9s.(11.30am-1pm for under 9s, 2pm-3.30pm for the over 9s).
still to happen over the next two weeks (Tue, Wed, Thur): salt dough nameplates, design a flag, mini highland games, beach trip to Melvich, treasure hunt, drama workshop, paint'n'create, from junk to funk (fashion made from recycled stuff)... some outdoor activities may change to indoor activities, weather dependent.
THEN...on the 19th July 2-4pm there will be the FUN DAY.....up at the Ormlie Centre, stalls, bouncy castle, live music, bottle stall, etc.

Phone em on 01847 89 1789 for more info