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30-Jun-08, 16:12
Lived in Ireland for a number of year, the land of myth, magic and a lot of humour..............
Old Harry died suddenly but peacefully and the local undertaker, also the local plumber was duly summoned. Off he went in his works van to the wallpaper shop to get changed into his blacks and haul out the hearse.... the funeral parlour was housed through the back of the shop.
Lo and behold the hearse would not start and the plumber has no option but to use the works van to cart the body back to the wallpaper shop and into the parlour and never thinking how he would manage this he set off.
Now Harrys house was at the top of a steep brae, past the convent, the high school and a couple of bungalows and the street was usually fairly busy, what with nuns, children and whover else.
Minnie, Harrys wife had the corpse of her dead husband laid out on the sofa ready for lifting and the plumber explained he would be taking him in the works van as the hearse had broke down. Minnie was unconcerned and offered a hand to get Harry into the passenger seat, where they strapped him in and threw a blanket over his head.
Driving the short two miles to the wallpaper shop turned out to be a choking affair and the plumber unable to stand Harrys ripe smell any longer
reached over and rolled down the passenger window.
Driving down the hill Harrys corpse lurched forward, the blanket fell off and Harrys arm shot up and out the open window!!!
Later that evening in the pub everyone was talking about Harrys sudden demise that morning but, one man couldn't understand and said they must all be mistaken as he had saw Harry that lunch time in the plumbers van and when he had waved Harry had waved back!!!!!!!

This is a true story which is Spookily funny.:eek:

30-Jun-08, 17:04
Not so much spooky to everyone else but spooky to me.

I was working in Theatre Suite in Raigmore hospital and was friendly with one of the nurses. I had a dream about her parents kitchen, I had never met her parents far less seen their house. (Yes I know random). In my dream it was old fashioned looking with one of those old style units with the plastic frontage which had sliding doors. I told my friend of my dream, her face went very pale as she informed me, my description was spookily accurate , even down to the old style unit.

Also if I dream about someone I have not seen for a number of years, they almost always get in touch in some way. I have dreamt about car accidents which have later happened, that really spooks & scares me.

Anyone else had odd dreams that came true in some way.

01-Jul-08, 00:55
I dreamt someone I knew was going for a kidney transplant in Edinburgh. When I told the person the next day the person laughed at me, but a couple of days later that person did go to edinburgh and did have a transplant. Now i keep hoping to dream i have won the lottery but it hasnt worked and i haVE NOT HAD A DREAM FOR A FEW DAYS. qUITE OFTEN IF i DREAM OF SOMEONE, IT DOES COME TRUE.!!

01-Jul-08, 09:26
Years ago my mum and I both had a vivid dream about a house fire in the row of terraced houses behind our house. She had seen it from the kitchen window and I had seen it from my bedroom window above the kitchen. We found out that there had been a fire in that house from one of the neighbours. During WW2. It was so vivd it made a real impression on my mum as she usually does not have that type of dream. You could almost smell the smoke.

I often dream of people that I haven't seen for a while and often they get in touch within a few days. Have had a few dreams that have come true, some good, some not so good.