View Full Version : Meal to please the mother in law

28-Jun-08, 10:19
Got my mother in law coming up to Wick today to stay for a couple of days. I am looking somewhere child friendly that provides nice meals at a reasonable cost. Any ideas?

28-Jun-08, 10:49
Morag's on High Street, Wick and as well as good cooking and home baking there is a bouncy castle!:lol:

28-Jun-08, 12:26
Personally I don't think you can beat the harbour cafe at the moment, well presented home cooked food and good service too.

28-Jun-08, 12:32
Morags used to be my favourite in Wick, but the Harbour cafe.....(Wickers world to give it its titles) is always our first pick now. Used to like the cafe opposite Dunnetts car showroom, but have been in twice recently and it was not very good.

28-Jun-08, 13:27
Any idea what time the Harbour Cafe closes?

28-Jun-08, 13:40
It closes at 5 oclock but last orders for meals are at 4-30 but they wont chase you out at 5 as they hav all the tidying up to do so you have plenty time to enjoy your meal, i quiete often go myself then for an earlyish tea & its always spot on

Kevin Milkins
28-Jun-08, 14:20
I had my car MOT at Richards the other day and while waiting I had breakfast at the Lunch Box and read my paper.
It was clean and fresh and the food was very good as well.
I thought the young lady serving was either a bit shy or nervous ,but overall good.
I have also tried the Harbour twice and they are good as well.

30-Jun-08, 09:41
Any idea what time the Harbour Cafe closes?

How did pleasing the mother-in-law go?

01-Jul-08, 11:25
How did pleasing the mother-in-law go?
Finally decided to go to the Harbour Cafe and i'm so glad we did. Went at half 4 and as advised there was no pressure to hurry up when we were still there after closing time. The food was beautiful and really well garnished, yes it is a little more expensive than some of the eating establishments in Wick but as the feedback from them is very unfavourable at the moment i think we made the right choice. The mother in law hardly uttered a word which is very unusual. Very happy all round!