View Full Version : Good fishing spots

28-Jun-08, 07:56
Anyone know any good rock fishing spots??

28-Jun-08, 09:05
I used to fish a number of good spots out past the Thurso lighthouse. Some were best fished at low tide and it was possible to fish from the rock flats at the bottom of Holborn. They can be very tricky so always go in twos and watch the tide!

Another good one was the flat rocks out at the Forss estuary. Very clear water (you can see the fish!) and a good variety.

29-Jun-08, 10:24
On the Wick side try Longberry (it's the rocky stretch out by the Trinkie, leading up to the old castle).

If you prefer beach fishing, Sinclair Bay between Subsea 7 and the Wester river or Dunnet Bay on the other coast.