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20-Jun-03, 10:47
I must confess to never having read any of the books, or having seen any of the movies, I also have no great urge to - maybe I am missing something but cant say I am too worried about it.
I must admit to having taken an irrational dislike of the author JK Rowling, cant say why but I just seem to find her unpleasant :confused

20-Jun-03, 10:57
I bought the first book before there was such a big fuss about them.I have continued to buy them but have yet to read more than the dust jacket on the first book. I too dislike J K Rowling but have no idea why. I suspect it may be jealousy though, I hear she is richer than the Queen.

20-Jun-03, 11:27
I quite fancy her myself.

20-Jun-03, 11:57
I sort of dislike her too, did you see that interview she did the other night, the lighting was all soft and glowy, I hate when rich people do that to make sure they look better than they actually do.

But then again, I would too if I had her 280 million !

Eve M
20-Jun-03, 12:06
J K Rowling seems a pretty decent woman to me. She has had what seems to be a very hard life as a single parent living on benefits. Someone who can write as welll as she does deserves everything they get as far as I'm concerned. So she's got millions, she worked damn hard to get that millions though.
It seems to me, that your all just jealous.

20-Jun-03, 12:10
actually dont think it has anything to do with the money - other wise there would be loads of others I could also dislike, as I said I dont know what it is based upon just kinda dont like her. Now I aint at all jealous of Jennifer Lopez, and like her a lot ;)

Eve M
20-Jun-03, 12:32
Lmao [lol] I bet you do [lol]

20-Jun-03, 13:25
I don't know that you can call writing "damn hard work". She has a gift and she's using it to make loads of money. But really she's just sitting on her bum typing all day. Just like I'm doing right now actually. And look at the wonderfully entertaining and eloquent (check spelling please, Paddy) messages I write. :D

20-Jun-03, 13:25
I quite liked the Harry Potter Books sort of a cross between

CSLewis Narnia books and Enid Blytons "Malory Towers" series. Jolly Hockey sticks anyone?

20-Jun-03, 14:42
I quite liked the Harry Potter Books sort of a cross between

CSLewis Narnia books and Enid Blytons "Malory Towers" series. Jolly Hockey sticks anyone?

I soooo loved Malory Towers. But Harry Potter has never appealed, either the books or the films.

20-Jun-03, 15:47
I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter books. I was not really into reading until I was encouraged to read the 1st Harry book. Since then I have been addicted. I have read all the books and watched both films numerous times. Maybe its just the kid in me but I find them spellbinding (non pun intended [lol] ) I cant wait until tomorrow when the new book drops onto my doormat. I will be reading all weekend!

As for JK Rowling - I am not a fan. She seems a little uppity. Yes she has done very well for herself considering she was homeless etc etc and I do not grudge the money to someone who has worked for their fortune like she has, but I just cant warm to her at all. She seems like a grumpy old bag on the tele, not the kind of person who you would imagine writing kids books.

20-Jun-03, 15:47
hehe malory Towers were quite good!

Is anyone in the Wick area going down to D.R.Simpsons tonight at 00:01 o clock to buy a copy of the new Harry Potter book? there opening at one minute past midnight coz thats when they can start legally selling it!!
Considering going just for the hype!!!

Rumour has it that the Harry Potter book will break a whole lotta book selling records...


20-Jun-03, 19:45
I not a great admirer of the H.Potter books but hey folks they are meant for kids and if one kid finds out from reading a H.Potter book that there is a miriad of enjoyment and knowledge in reading then I say good on you J.K. Rowling

21-Jun-03, 10:53
Have to agree that anything that gets people be they old or young reading is a good thing, so yes she must be congratulated for that. Small world really was talking to a guy yesterday who used to work with her partner in Edinburgh.

Mr Sensitive
27-Jun-03, 19:46
Have just seen a photograph of JK Rowling with her hubby. He looks like a grown up version of the kid that plays Harry Potter in the films.

Coincidence or obsession?

27-Jun-03, 22:29
Whatched Harry Potter movie other night only one comment..HOGWASH

27-Jun-03, 22:56
I watched the whole movie, lizz, and I never saw anyone wash a hog. And I only dozed once.

Wounded Soldier
27-Jun-03, 22:56
Harry Potter sux.

Fiesta got better stories in it :Razz

28-Jun-03, 00:29
Fiesta got better stories in it

Mmmmm Yes! people who buy Fiesta magazine only buy it for the stories.....mmmmmmm!!..me thinks not, your only looking at the pictures of those lovely....ahem! Cars....yes thats it...those Cars with the great...ehhhh..Bonnets ;)

Wounded Soldier
28-Jun-03, 00:41

you got it in one giz!

They got nice bonnets too, i like it when they got bald tyres too, especially when the...ahem..tyres look like they jus driven through puddles :p