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27-Jun-08, 13:58
Im looking for someone who can fit a carpet im our bedroom, have carpet avail at home just need someone to fit, can anyone recommend anyone?


27-Jun-08, 18:31
Have sent you a pm...........hope it is useful

27-Jun-08, 18:54
John Allan

Excellent, reliable and reasonable. Fitted my carpets perfectly and removes all rubbish. He's in Wick and the number I have for him is 07894062667.

28-Jun-08, 12:39
Had John Allan for a whole house of new carpets 18months ago and it was the worst experience of my life.

The same carpet was to be laid throughout the flat and he managed to put the wrong carpet in two rooms which resulted in the living room having two very obvious joins, one just inside the door which caught your toes every time you crossed it.

He was very expensive for the time it took, and he did come highly recommended by a carpet supplier.

Luckily within a few weeks of the job being done our upstairs neighbour had a flood and the insurance company had to replace our entire carpeting. The carpet was discontinued and the insurance company dealt direct with Plowman`s carpets in Wick who were BRILLIANT. Only trouble is they only lay new carpets bought from them.

Glad he did a good job for you though.

28-Jun-08, 21:49
Hi. You could give these guys a call, i am sure they will be able to help you with your carpet laying..Highly recommended..

William .07738858307

Dennis 0781704204
Hope this helps.

footie chick
28-Jun-08, 23:05
You might want to look here?