View Full Version : Duplicate posting

24-Jun-08, 16:55
There has been a significant increase in duplicate posting in recent weeks. On the whole this is due to advertisements and announcements being posted in several different forums, but some posters have been listing their items for sale in different combinations in different threads and then re-advertising when they don't sell. A number of discussion threads have also appeared in duplicate, often leading to confusing parallel discussions.

Please request removal of old advertisements using the Report Post icon http://forum.caithness.org/images/buttons/report.gif before re-advertising.

Until now, our policy has been to remove or merge duplicate threads, often accompanied by a pm or a warning from a moderator. This worked tolerably well when the number of duplicate threads was negligible but we are now spending more and more of our time sending and replying to personal messages, issuing warnings, and generally clearing up the ensuing mess.

Please do not post more than one copy of any announcement, advertisement or discussion thread, and please ensure it's posted in the appropriate forum. In future, all occurrences of duplicate (or near-duplicate) posts will be liable to deletion. Posting privileges will be removed from persistent repeat offenders.

Please also desist from gratuitous bumping of threads. Daily bumping is anti-social, once a week should be more than sufficient in most cases.