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24-Jun-08, 15:32
Have just returned from Loudon and must admit it is a fantastic place.
we paid 56 for the four of us with junior free.
It seems alot of money until you see what you get for the money.
Theres a Rollercoaster,Circus,Log flume,dodgems etc etc.
Theres rides for all ages from little nippers to adults.
it is great value for money and you can spend all day there.
They have animals as well as a birds of prey display, live circus, and an amazing number of rides.
If your down near Glasgow, Ayrshire etc I would recommend it as my 2 eldest aged 12 & 15 said it was the best day out they ever had, and they are VERY hard to please.
Overall 10/10 absolutely fan dabi dozi.

footie chick
24-Jun-08, 20:03
Would recommend it as well. You can now use your Tesco club card vouchers againt the admission price saving a fortune.

26-Jun-08, 16:54
I have two of the aforementioned Tesco discount vouchers if they are of any use to someone going in that direction during the summer holidays. PM me with an address and I will post them out first class..........first come, first served.

26-Jun-08, 22:20
Thank you for the replies. Tickets are on their way to Leicestershire of all places.

The Kirkton
09-Jul-08, 11:27
Hello! Yes Loudon Castle is superb! There are so many things to do in Ayrshire and especially for families (or the big child within you!)

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We are only 6 miles from Ayr, right in the middle of Burn's Country and only 10 minutes from Prestwick Airport! for those of you who are lucky to be heading off to the sun!!

For more information visit : www.kirktoninn.co.uk (http://www.kirktoninn.co.uk)

And if enquiring for accommodation don't forget to mention your address!!!