View Full Version : what is a good laptop?

23-Jun-08, 21:10
what is a good laptop looken to spend about 300 to 400 on one.cheers

24-Jun-08, 00:12
go to www.sterling-xs.com i bought a dell insperion 1510 with 2gb ram and a dual core processor 1.8ghz and a 120gb hardrive for 324 pounds deliverd to the door a excellent laptop

25-Jun-08, 20:03
You can get a new Fujitsu Siemens model here (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/139121) with Core Duo 1.6GHz Processor, 2Gb Memory, 120Gb Hard Drive 15.4" Screen, DVD-RW Drive, WiFi, and Windows Vista Home Premium for just 314.99 plus P&P.

If you're not keen on Vista then let us know as there are still some XP machines to be had :D.

Also if you're happy to spend nearer the top of your budget then it may be worth spending a few extra quid to get a higher specification...

25-Jun-08, 23:28
I picked up a gem...
Bought a Sony Vaio small one lol with a 10inch screen...
Got it on Ebay for 200...Bit chancy buying 2nd hand laptops as batteries could be goosed and there is no 'comeback' if it doesnt last but then again I only needed it to be small to fit in my bag when I went offshore...I only use it to write my stories as there is no wireless net on the rig...like being in the stone age lol



09-Jul-08, 01:01
what is the best Windows or Vista?it needs to be wireless too

09-Jul-08, 23:21
I'm guessing you mean which is the best between Windows XP and Windows Vista...

Some people, myself included, are still quite happy using XP as it does everything we need, at a speed we're happy with, and there's no real benefit for us in upgrading.

Vista, while being the latest version, has very few advantages (IMO) over XP, yet is a sufficient departure from XP to have caused me numerous headaches when setting up for customers. However for anyone simply wanting to surf the net, do e-mail, write a few letters, etc. then Vista is probably the easiest option as there is a much wider choice of systems which come with it installed.

So, at the end of the day it is a personal choice, but very soon you'll be hard pushed to find a new system with the option of having XP pre-installed.