View Full Version : Clare Molyneux - saddle fitting & instruction

20-Jun-08, 12:47
Clare will be up in next fortnight if anyone requires a fitting or check up - she specialises in natives and wider ponies but caters for all.

A saddle maker and flocker can be arranged for the trip as well who also repairs rugs - although repairs will not be available on the day they can be taken away and returned within the week - she is Helen Walker who has Highland Saddlery Repairs.

Clare will also be available for tuition that day, she teaches regularly at Coillemore and is BHSII.

Please get in touch for further information or to book.



21-Jun-08, 21:22
Why oh why has this thread been moved to recommendations??? it's not a recommendation - its information - and the people who might be able to utilise it are more likely to be reading GENERAL - and not reccomendations!!