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02-Dec-05, 19:07
Heard the JCB song on Radio 2 at 5.55pm tonight. Well done lads, and it's quite catchy.


Dave the Rave :cool:

02-Dec-05, 20:12
Huh????? :confused:

02-Dec-05, 20:18
I was wondering too, what does it have to do with Caithness?

02-Dec-05, 20:24
The JCB song was writing by someone in caithness.

I listened to it last week and well done it was great.

02-Dec-05, 20:27
Was it really, I've heard people talking about the song but did'nt realise that. Do you not know their name?

02-Dec-05, 20:45
Dont know about who wrote it but found the following info about this great song:

This novelty indie/pop track, from a genre-defying Warwickshire duo, was originally released in June this year, before an internet web-site campaign, featuring clips of the very inventive animated video, kick started a word-of-mouth buzz that has resulted in this track becoming the bookies favourite to pull a real music/underdog "Gary Jules-style" victory in the race to the Christmas No.1. The song itself is a fairly simple, yet very infectious, acoustic pop song, sung from the view point of a five year old boy who spends time driving with his dad in his JCB to avoid bullies at school, that sits somewhere between James Blunt & Pam Ayers!

its not available to buy until 12/12/05

02-Dec-05, 21:03

02-Dec-05, 21:52
It's pretty good, love the video, very original.

It reminds me quite a bit of Counting Crows with a bit of Del Amitri thrown in...

02-Dec-05, 22:35
Thanks this is the first time I have heard this, I liked it, and now can converse with my G'daughters on a level playing field :)

03-Dec-05, 00:20
That is fantastic! I love the video to it. Fantastic! :D :D

03-Dec-05, 00:29
Its brilliant! There is someone who comes to mind who may have written it ..........he drives a JCB! If it is you......... Well done!

03-Dec-05, 00:48
is she not just the most annoying poster in here

No, she is not.

03-Dec-05, 22:42
Quite good, could well grow on folk for Christmas

Had a look at the site but see no connection with Caithness where did folk see it was written by someone from Caithness

05-Dec-05, 15:12
saw these boys being interviewed on telly the other week - they did not come from Caithness and one of the boys wrote the song himself

Big G
05-Dec-05, 20:59
i think that song is great - brill video. Also i think it should be shown to school children, as this little boy is a bully victim and doesnt want to go on the school bus, so he drives around in his dad's jcb. He wants all the bullies to be eaten up by a big monster.
I would def show it to my class (if i had one!)

05-Dec-05, 21:43
very nice. the vocals are wonderful, i think i will buy their album now! :)

05-Dec-05, 23:04
think this is excellent ... hope rest of music to same standard...... might well buy it if it is

06-Dec-05, 17:11
The guys have nothing to do with Caithness, I seen them on Richard & Judy. Listen to the accents if you want sufficent proof.

Any anyway, if they were from Caithness, do you not think we'd know about some Caithness lad's being signed onto a label before everyone's stumbled across this song, be realistic.

Gotta say though, quality song, hope it makes it to number one for chirstmas - will have more right to be there than last years gash effort and the depressing Donnie Darko song that i believe was the year before that - good song, not fit for a christmas release though!

07-Dec-05, 18:27
Sorry about that Blast! I was under the impression that the lads where from up here, as I thought I'd picked up a link from Mike Mackenzie (guess who's back) from a previous page, however, it is a catchy little number though.


Dave the Rave :cool:

19-Dec-05, 00:12
thought I would let you all know that this brilliant song made it to no1 today - beating Westlife!!!