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19-Jun-08, 15:33
I've noticed that there is a difference in flower shapes on some of the orchid pictures i took earlier this week, and being very much a novice in this field, am throwing it open to wider opinion lol. Are these the same flower or are they different. The two plants were in very diferent habitats (first in meadow and second on a marshy area)


23-Jun-08, 19:52
ok i have been reliably ormed that the second is a Dactylorhiza fuchsii and the first a Dactylorhiza pupurella hope i got thaty the right way round lol :lol:

24-Jun-08, 20:25
Lovely photos - but what are therir names in Englsh, please?

24-Jun-08, 20:29
Purple spotted orchid and Marsh orchid methinks.

25-Jun-08, 00:42
lol sorry lizz i forgot the english names but yes marsh and spotted as far as i am aware :D

25-Jun-08, 04:54
I love the orchid in the first photo. It looks like it has butterflies on the petals! :)

25-Jun-08, 09:01
Hi! Count. You were well informed, they are the Common Spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii) first and the Northern Marsh-orchid (Dactylorhiza purpurella) second. The first is rare in Caithness and it would be good if you told the county Recorder (Ken Butler) its location so that it can go into the national database. You can reach him via e-mail to the Caithness Biodiversity Group mailbox CaithnessNature@aol.com


25-Jun-08, 10:20
ok taraxacum mail sent lol and thanx :D