View Full Version : yet another one to name

17-Jun-08, 19:04
spotted this tiny (5mm across) 10 petaled white flower and wondered what it was. can anyone help? The plant stem itself was very angular with 4 or 5 sides hope this helps :D

17-Jun-08, 20:54
its ok lol i found it at last its a common mouse ear lol the internet is a marvelous thing :lol:

17-Jun-08, 21:43
Good try, Count, but the sepals are not hairy. It is actually the Bog Stitchwort (Stellaria uliginosa) which is very closely related. It is a good photo so I was able to count the styles as well. Only a bot-nut would know the difference!

17-Jun-08, 22:04
thank you for the correction Taraxacum, my they are so similar lol i have renamed the folder accordingly lol I'm an enthusiastic amature so i'm bound to make the odd mistake lol wait till i put the orchids on here lol :lol: