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17-Jun-08, 16:01
HI There
Just loking for inspiration really. I've got to make some long curtains for a fairly wide window so it's a big job and although I've mucked about with making tab tops and pretty simple window coverings before I want to make these so they look like they are well made.
I've got a massive piece of black needle cord so I was thinking of having a band of this at the top and bottom with some other fabric but not sure what? Chenille? Do I need to be careful that I get materials that will hang properly? That's the only thing that's putting me off starting really, that and what heading to use? I've got a machine and fairly ok sowing ability, I reckon haha
Be grateful for any tips or hints as to what to do:)

17-Jun-08, 18:37
I'm certainly not an expert, but I have made curtains before. In my experience, the best thing is to get a reasonably heavy material so that you get a nice drape and make sure it doesn't crease too easily in case it gets a chair or something pushed up against it.
If you are going to buy material in a sewing/knitting shop, it's worth asking them for advice. If your buying on ebay it tends to be listed as material which is suitable for curtains. If you do end up choosing a lighter material, you can always line it.

17-Jun-08, 19:13
Forgot to mention... Don't forget, you can weight the hem to get a nice drape and I don't see why chenille wouldn't be lovely. If you go into a fabric shop you can feel the material and see what you think.

17-Jun-08, 23:07
Yes I thought about weights, I've got a jar full of old ones I took out of another pair. I'm a bit worried about linings.

craggy island
10-Aug-08, 19:29
dont be worried about linings. you can easily make them seperate and hook them onto the bottom of 3" tape. easier to wash as well. :)