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17-Jun-08, 05:39
Hey there,

Have any of you read the newest series by Stephen Donaldson?

Bout a man with Leprosy who is shunned by society and falls into a coma and wakens in a fantasy land where he is feted as a messiah/hero reborn and no longer is afflicted with his disease...
His content and theme are adult - older teens - I would say...

Many years ago I thoroughly enjoyed the first two trilogys in the the Covenant series...then there was a ten year break before this new one...
The first book was excellent The Runes of Earth....I did enjoy it, but found his writing style a wee bit fancy...was in inverness the other day and was delighted to discover Book2 - HB over 700 pages...

I would recommend that you get hold of these books in the correct order!!

All the best


18-Jun-08, 01:14
Thanks for pointing that out, I read the first two series when they first came out, brilliant!!! I will now look for this one, cheers!

21-Jun-08, 03:15
They have also released Omnibus Editions of the first two trilogies...and a new edition of Mordant's Need series...

Gonna buy them all as I pass through sneki once a month lol


21-Jun-08, 11:42
I read the first two years ago and loved them - my bf has just finished reading the latest trilogy and he said they were so good they made him want to go back and read the other two lots. The only thing that bothered me is how donaldson uses obscure words a bit gratuitously - sometimes smacked of showing off ;) :L

21-Jun-08, 19:24

I completely agree with that comment...his new stuff does seem a bit showoffy lol

But great and well written tales indeed!!

I think there is going to be a third in the series to come...and your Bf is right...I am going back over the first tow series before i read Book2 of the last chronicles even though there is a 20 odd page "What came before" at the start

I must get my finger out and see if mr Donaldson has a website...I have found that "Famous" Authors sometimes respond to email and website comments...



22-Jun-08, 01:11
Yes it was a great series, albeit rather shocking at first to learn that it was the story about a hero so wrapped up in self-pity at the outset when I first encountered him.

Not read the final series although I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction of Linden Avery.

I read all books these days as eBooks on my Palm handheld PDA. It's easier, more convenient and mainly, it's cheaper. I have several gigabytes of ebooks if anyone here also has a handheld device to read them then I am happy to help.

Must seek it out and thanks for the heads up, have been wondering what to read next! (am currently reading the Dread Empire series (Glen Cook), which took forever to get started, but now I'm on book 3, it looks like it might have a half decent plot waiting to show its face after all).