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16-Jun-08, 10:46
hello hobbiers!
i am knitting a bunny and am almost finished but for the mouth i need to back stitch the wool material but it is too thick to thread through a needle. does anyone know how it can be done, my bunny needs finishing!

16-Jun-08, 12:38
Hi fluff,

Is the wool too thick for even a wool needle. Aero make them in three or four different eyelet sizes.

Failing that, why not disect the wool to half or a third of its thickness, and use it that way

16-Jun-08, 13:13
I agree with Poppett

OR you can put some strong ordinary thread double through the eye, looping the wool, then pulling the wool through with the looped thread !

Good Luck ..... better still go and get a needle with a big eye - it will last for years and you will find more uses for it !

16-Jun-08, 16:38
how about only using part of the wool - separate it into strands and use thickness that will go through your needle?

16-Jun-08, 16:39
that sounds complicated lol , this is my first ever knitting attempt, it all came in a pack. how big of an eye would i be looking to get?

16-Jun-08, 18:28
Fluff you just need to ask for a wool needle - they do come in different sizes too so take a sample of your wool with you to make sure you get the one you need. Wool needles are best as they have a rounded blunt end unlike an ordinary sewing needle and are therefore easier to used on your knitted project. Post a pic once you have finished it! Well done too on your first knitted project!

17-Jun-08, 15:58
split the plys of wool..they should fit in tapestry needle..or possibly upholstrey needles set..can be bought cheaply in any pound shop...hope that helps..this came from my boss...lol..:Razz

25-Jun-08, 20:17
finished article. looks odd but it's my baby

http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb12/stainless_bunnie/100_0895.jpg http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?t=50914

03-Jul-08, 22:27
Well done! ~ you've done well for your first project, you should be proud of yourself. There'll be no stopping you now!:D

04-Jul-08, 04:10
Well done Fluff - thanks for postin the pic!

04-Jul-08, 21:45
Great, what a happy bunny, well done.

04-Jul-08, 21:47
he has been named Clive by my work colleagues. I have been told he talks to them and hides things lol

the charlatans
05-Jul-08, 14:20
I love Clive. I've never been brave enough to knit anything harder than a baby hat.
Well done Fluff, you have inspired me.

27-Nov-08, 19:47
what a cute bunny, i think u did quite well!:D
http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb12/stainless_bunnie/100_0895.jpg http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?t=50914[/quote]

28-Nov-08, 00:07
If you still haven't managed to thread the needle try using some beeswax on the end, it seals and compresses the fibres together allowing you to thread the needle easier. Twist the beeswax round the end of the wool as you go a few times.