View Full Version : Wick Academy

14-Jun-08, 12:47
Anyone know if WAFC are planning any pre-season games, as I notice the rest of the Highland League have a few against good opponents?

19-Jun-08, 13:22
Training starts on Saturday but I haven't heard of any friendlies yet.

19-Jun-08, 19:00
They might play Thurso FC again like last season? Maybe Orkney or Shetland which they have played pre-season before?

19-Jun-08, 21:14
It's a shame they can't attract big teams up like years ago. A lot of the other highland league teams have pre season games against SPL sides!!

19-Jun-08, 21:49
have heard they could be playing elgin but nothing is certain, will k#most likely hve a game against ross county again though

25-Jun-08, 11:48
I think Elgin is a definite but nothing else has been confirmed yet...