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13-Jun-08, 20:56
Hows it going everyone?

A wee update to everyone.

The last update, we were in two minds whether to press ahead with the auction or not.

I am now absolutely thrilled to say that everything is all go!

We have been really busy the past few weeks, as so many people have been in touch, registering their items on the website and calling in.
We have also been speaking to a lot of people regarding a permenent auctionhouse and the feedback has all been positive.
First auction starts this Sunday(Father's Day) at the Weigh Inn, doors opening at 9am with a 10am start.
We have some cracking lots up for auction with the prize buys including beds, large antique 19th century mahogany chests, camping gear, dvds/book assortments and some great charity buys like dinner for twos and wildlife cruises.

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone here who replied to my message three months ago when I just batted the idea out there. You gave me the encouragement to take the step and go for it, and even when it was looking a bit down, a few of you were in touch to say chin up and everything is working out great. Hopefully this is going to be the start of a great community service, fantastic fun for the weekends and a great place to grab your bargains. I love the hustle and bustle of the auction! Really excited about it.
We are now looking into premises, so if anyone has any ideas or contacts, let me know!

Thank you again so much everyone, and hopefully see you there on Sunday, fruit cake is on me!

30-Jul-08, 01:52
I havent heard any more about the auctions, have they stopped now, was it not a success?

30-Jul-08, 08:37
Just looked at their website. The next auction is scheduled for the second week in August but date and actual venue is not yet confirmed. Also it is going to be held during the week and in the evening apparently. I guess we just watch this space!

Mr P Cannop
30-Jul-08, 11:29
would anyone like to join my caithness auctions group on bebo ??


Mr P Cannop
31-Jul-08, 07:37
please join this caithness auctions group on bebo Please ??