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13-Jun-08, 09:44
Having just read the groat I had to check out Lyle Watt who is in the finals of Guitar Idol.
I was totally blown away by his video, which you can see at http://www.guitar-idol.co.uk/lyle-watt
I hope he wins as he is a mega talented guitarist. As a guitarist myself he makes me look like absolutely rubbish, and I thought I was alright!!..
i hope this Thurso lad does well but regardless with his talent he will go far.
Good Luck Lyle!!!!!

13-Jun-08, 09:53
Hope he does well - liked listening to it, think he will go far.

13-Jun-08, 12:25
Just wishing Lyle all the best with his London Guitar Idol competition tomorrow (Saturday 14th June). To get down to the last 12 out of 750 is pretty amazing anyway.

13-Jun-08, 12:27
Fantastic, right up my street that. All the best Lyle!

13-Jun-08, 12:43
WOW! What a wonderful sound, what talent. Hope sincerely he does well.

13-Jun-08, 12:47
Good luck Lyle!

13-Jun-08, 13:27
best o luck wee man

13-Jun-08, 14:13
Yes, good luck Lyle; you are a credit to the county! :)

13-Jun-08, 14:16
Hope he wins. Finest young player I have ever heard. He is making his first appearance at a Lighthouse concert on the 26th June.
Good luck Loil!!!![evil]

13-Jun-08, 15:03
That's some ahcievement, well done and good luck

hell raizer
13-Jun-08, 15:27
good luck lyle :)

13-Jun-08, 15:41
Well done Lyle and all the best for the London trip.

13-Jun-08, 15:57
Have just listened to the video and what a very talented lad. Good luck to him in the competition Im sure he'll do well.

13-Jun-08, 16:56
Fantastic player, regardless of his age, soooo much feel in his playing, makes me want to throw away my guitars...lol, really hoping he wins this competition though.

Good luck lad

The Pepsi Challenge
13-Jun-08, 17:03
Awrabest, cull. Just have fun, and remember to smile and look like you're enjoying yourself. Snow dour faces, right? Leave that for Halkirk barn dances.

13-Jun-08, 18:08
on yersel' Lyle. BTW love his picture on the GI site....."will busk for food[lol]"

13-Jun-08, 18:10
Leave that for Halkirk barn dances.

lmao...........knock um dead chap. Kid's phenominal, don't tell anyone I said that tho:Razz

13-Jun-08, 19:32
Good luck biy

13-Jun-08, 19:52
:eek: ~!~WOW~!~ :eek:

And he is only 15 - What will he be like by the time he is in his 20s.

Good luck!!

13-Jun-08, 20:16
:eek: ~!~WOW~!~ :eek:

And he is only 15 - What will he be like by the time he is in his 20s.

Good luck!!Depends on how far he wishes to progress and whether he can improvise to create his own material or end up just another well practised guitarist covering other peoples material. Based on the talent he has, the guitar world is his oyster if he wishes to progress.

13-Jun-08, 21:05
aye, good luck lyal :)

in the words of Jack Black

Im sure you'll melt some faces!

Kevin Milkins
14-Jun-08, 00:34
Great talent and good luck in London.
He must practise a lot so I am glad he does not have a bedroom next to mine LOL.

14-Jun-08, 11:50
Every time I watch that video I find something that amazes me!!!.
I can see a big future for him,no matter what happens in London he still rocks, it makes you proud to be Caithnessian!! :)

14-Jun-08, 12:45
Respect dude!

17-Jun-08, 07:30
Why was this thread moved?
Surely keeping it on the "general" section would have been better?
After all its not often we get to blow our trumpet about talented people in Caithness, when we do its moved to Music.
I can see the point as its a music competition, but if thats the case how come the caithness Music festival gets to stay on the main pages?.

Maybe this type of music isnt "high brow" enough for the general section ;)

17-Jun-08, 11:49
Well done Lyle. 2nd place is an amazing achievement. There was some serious competition in there.

17-Jun-08, 11:54
Why was this thread moved?Your thread was merged with a similar one in the Music forum where Lyle wins Second place in Guitar Idol Final! (http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?t=50783) was already gaining posts. The Caithness Music Festival Thread was more of a general discussion thread but I agree that it belongs in the Music forum as much as Lyle does.

I would be happy to move Lyle wins Second place in Guitar Idol Final! (http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?t=50783) to General if there is a clamour for a wider audience for his outstanding achievement.

Many congratulations Lyle! :cool:

17-Jun-08, 16:24
Fair play...thats a phenomenal achievement. I feel I should say commiserations, 'cos am pretty sure you'd have liked to get first place but If I did say that I'd only feel like I was undermining your tremendous achievement. Well done again...and good luck with the future.