View Full Version : Class of 1965 Wick High School. Is your name here?

13-Jun-03, 16:09
If you check the reunions website you will see that two reunions have been arranged for people who started Wick High in 1965. There are still many people we haven't heard from. I have compiled a list of people who attended Pulteneytown Academy so if your name is here or you know someone on the list, please get in touch. There are many others not listed who would have come from country schools or Wick North so if anyone can help with more names contact me. Here is the list.

Evelyn Carter, Christine Green, Marilyn Russell, Margaret Laing, Kathleen Margaret Gunn, Patricia Brunton, Evelyn Rugg, Gloria Sinclair, Alsion Mowat, Anne Baikie, Arlene Irvine, Maureen Mackenzie, Tommy Watt, James Sinclair, Ronald McDermaid, Alan MacGowan, Alex Potts, Stuart Bain, Alan Mackenzie, Dan Stewart, Donald Macleod, James Miller, Carole Miller, Nanette Sutherland, Elaine Macpheson, Linda Gunn Ruth Bremner, Linda Davidson, Margaret Sutherland, Dora Henderson, Elizabeth Munro, janice Bannerman. Sheila Brown, Kathleen Munro, Diane Rosie, Richard Burt,Grant Dallas, Derek Donn and William Philips.

Some of these people moved before High School.

If you're on the list or know someone get in touch with me at julie.mackinnon@btopenworld.com

28-Jul-03, 01:35
Hi Julie,
Just thought I would post a reply so it doesn't look like everyone is not interested or dead!
As you know the reunions went well and another will happen in 2005 so let's hear from everyone who wasn't there in 2003?

All the best
Don Mcleod