View Full Version : Sea Eagle?

12-Jun-08, 17:25
We're trying to cheer my daughter up because her twin is currently sunning herself in Spain for a few weeks and we were wondering where the best place is to get a look at the Sea Eagle? I believe there's supposed to be one down past Golspie?
My daughter is a bird of Prey freak and would love to see it, or any others. Does anyone know?

12-Jun-08, 20:46
There was a ranger walk today to see the ospreys at Golspie - next one is Saturday 28th June:

NH 776 983 Meet at the Mound car park on the A9 between Golspie and Dornoch. Come and watch the comings and goings of one of Sutherland's nesting osprey pairs. Tel. 01549 402 638

12-Jun-08, 20:48
Forgot to say - you could also try ringing the Ranger on the number above, they'll probably be able to tell you the best spot for seeing a sea eagle.