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10-Jun-08, 22:34
Best thing I have been on in ages!

Got a card through the door about Pentland Tours over the weekend and was at a loose end this week, don't drive myself so thought I would try out one of the tours they are starting up. Went on the one today to Castle of Mey etc. Fantastic value for money and want to praise a really fantastic tour that took me off the beaten track and really showed me parts of Caithness I have never seen before!!

To top it all off was told on the tour that they have a free Wildlife Talk on a Tuesday night so went down to that this evening. Talk was by Mary Legg and completely free.....hugely informative and a fantastic end to the day.

Cannot recommend them highly enough and will definitely be doing more of their tours over the summer!!!

Margaret M.
11-Jun-08, 15:09
Jojam, thanks so much for the info. I went to their website -- they have some super tours and activities definitely worth checking out.

11-Jun-08, 20:37
For anyone who is interested and I really do recommend it (not often I say that about anything!! lol) the website is http://www.pentlandtours.co.uk.

The wildlife talk is free of charge I think they said is on every Tuesday night at Pentland Lodge House in Thurso. Its totally free and well worth an hour of anyones time if you are interested in caithness.

18-Jun-08, 09:18
Have had a look at their website and will certainly try them out. They seem to have done their research as there is a good selection of tours.
Fancy the Castle of Mey one my self.....:)