View Full Version : Hot Flushes - Help is it Hand

08-Jun-08, 11:52
Ive noticed the phrase "hot flushes" crop up in different threads. Unfortunately for us ladies when you reach a certain age they hit you like a ton of bricks no matter what you're doing or where you are. :(

During the day running round corners looking for a breeze or fanning yourself with the nearest paper helps solve the problem but at night the very minute you lay your head on the pillow your bedroom becomes a tropical zone without the sandy beaches. The heat from great balls of fire seem to descend on you from head to toe. The quilt is thrown aside and the lashing and flinging out of legs and arms begins. Pillows are turned over windows thrown open and if that wasn't bad enough you have to put with protests from the other half who dosen't have a clue what you're going through.

Never fear the answer to the above lies in a wonderful invention called the Chillow.

I bought this three years ago and its the best 30 I've ever spent. It takes a wee while to get used to but the relief it gives is brilliant. It feels very cold at first but the minute the hot flush strikes turning your face on the pillow gives instant relief right to the tip of your toes. Its also great for headaches and can be used on sore backs etc. Once you get used to it you'll find you can't sleep without it.

I've recommended this to loads of friends who now swear by it. Haven't met a man yet who understands what it feels like to suffer in this way but I think Ive had the last laugh on holidays abroad, particularly at night, when the OH experiences a taste of "hot nights" in the true sense of the word. My reply to him was "Touch my chillow and your dead". [lol]