View Full Version : Biodiversity check of our coast

02-Jun-08, 20:40
The Sea Watch Foundation National Whale and Dolphin Watch will take place on Sat 21st June until Sun 29th June this year.
This will give us in Caithness a chance to check what Cetaceans we have off our coast.
Needless to say the more that take part the more information that can be gathered.
This will then be fed into the European Data Base for scientist to analyse.
There will be some organised watches held by the Ranger Service and some organised by me as the Seawatch coordinator for this part of the East coast.
Further information if you want to organise a watch can be obtained from myself or by contacting Edita Magileviciute on 01545561227 or from www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk

You can contact me by PM or E-mail or phone 07762969822

Colin Bird