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29-May-08, 15:07
I used to do all my own gardening and diy, but am now too old and have had to downsize to sheltered housing.

At my old house I had grass cutting and gardening done by my son-in-lay until he took ill. His friend took over and made a good job of mine and also a couple of neighbours, he also trimmed hedges and felled trees. He is still gardening and I noticed a few posts for gardeners and thought he may be a good contact. William 07738858307. He works mostly evenings and weekends.

He was a great help when I moved house and helped with the decorating, installed an outside vent for my tumble drier, put up curtain rails and light fittings.

Recently he has erected a shed for my daughter and her friend`s daughter from kits, one a wooden one the other metal.

He has a friend who is a retired horticultural engineer who is teaching him to repair lawnmowers, chainsaws, strimmers etc.

A pleasure to see a young(ish) person take an interest in the old folk. I wish him well and wanted to recommend his talents to the .orgers.