View Full Version : Can anyone help? please

29-May-08, 15:01
I have come across what i think is a blackbird chick, it has fallen out of it's nest and there is no way of getting it back into it as the nest as at the top of a building. :( The chick has started to get it's adult feathers and looks healthy but i can't leave it on the ground as we have 5 cats who think dinner has arrived early. :eek: I don't know how to look after it so if any one can help i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Mr P Cannop
29-May-08, 15:28
are you in thurso ??

29-May-08, 15:56
Foxy, try phoning the sspca, they should have some ideas as to what to do.

29-May-08, 16:19
All you can do is leave it and hope that the cats don't get to it. Chances are fi you try and put it back in the nest you will scare the parents away from the other chicks. Also the scent you leave on the chick if you handle it may well mean the parents will reject it.

It's just nature, and hard to see at it's rawest, but not much you can do...

Blackbirds tend to nest in hedges etc - it may well be a Starling chick as they tend to build their nests on buildings (or at least they try to here!)