View Full Version : SPAR Cooked Ham

28-May-08, 12:30

Was on my way back from Inverness and popped into the SPAR shop somewhere on the route betwen Golspie and Dunbeth I think. I wasn't driving so I can't remember exactly where, maybe Brora ? Lovely clean shop, good selection in there and nice friendly lass behind the counter.

What struck me as a good buy was their 400g pack of cooked ham for 1.49. None of this wafer thin stuff that appeared a few years back which you can't taste that the supermarkets seem think we all want. Just honest, good, thick, tasty, reasonably dry ham. i.e. not offcuts all squished together and pumped full of water and washing up liquid. Best ham I've had in ages.

Great shop too - well done there!