View Full Version : Lidl Shortbread

27-May-08, 07:51
Mmmmh! Very nice.

Just munching some now. I've always known that this was really good, but because I don't each too much shortbread (because it's a bit high fat) I'd forgotten just how good the Lidl one is. Almost as good as the one I make myself :)

I would say that to my taste it's better than any of the other shop-bought shortbread (although Marks & Spencer's one is not bad if you live down the line).

It's about 49p for a good size packet. Worth being seen in Lidl carrying :evil


27-May-08, 18:49
We had a present of Lidl shortbread at Christmas and were pleasantly surprised at the taste. My OH always says he hates shortbread, but ate this quite happily and asked for more!