View Full Version : "Elizabeths" Bettyhill

rs 2k
26-May-08, 14:52
Was up west over the weekend and we stopped at Elizabeths cafe in Bettyhill

Best fish and chips i have ever tasted

Beautiful batter

Really friendly people

Good prices

it was really busy

26-May-08, 16:24
Have been there a few times, but usually for afternoon tea and a scone. It always seems to be busy in the car park and with backpackers during the season.

Tourist Shop upstairs has some nice items at reasonable prices too. Well worth a call.

28-May-08, 19:42
Yup, very nice Fish and Chips. Nice people, too.

15-Jul-08, 12:57
A blessing for us who live in bettyhill to have fish and chips on weekend nights! When you just don't feel like cooking sometimes!

Definately tastes great, good value and they're lovely people.

18-Jul-08, 21:50
I agree, great people, and a wonderful fish and chips.

25-Jul-08, 21:49
The fish and chip shop at Bettyhill is fantastic.. Always friendly and happy to see you great craft shop upstairs too.
and we go up there every year to the gala and always go there for tea. Also do other yummies....mmmmmm