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23-May-08, 15:25
Thought I would post this here in case anyone has bought this stairgate.

Product Recall: Lindam Safety Gates
Argos Catalogue numbers
375/3086 (Lindam model LD145) and
375/3282 (Lindam model LD146)
We have identified a problem where the plastic hinge that retains the gate within the frame may fail in use. This will result in the gate becoming detached from the frame and the potential for injury.

If the hinge is damaged or broken then there is also a further potential for injury if the gate becomes detached and ceases to be an adequate barrier to potentially hazardous situations.

We have decided therefore to recall the product(s).

Safety gates that are affected can be identified in the following ways: the plastic used in the hinge mechanism is white not blue and the stairgate will be marked with a model number along the bottom bar of the gate.

Affected model numbers are LD145 and LD146. If you have one of these numbers your product is affected, if you product has any other model number it is unaffected.

If your safety gate is affected, please stop using it immediately and return it to your nearest Argos store for a full refund.

No other Lindam or Argos product is affected by this issue.

George Brims
25-May-08, 02:03
MY glasses must need cleaning. I read that as Star Gate. Just for a second I was quite excited. I thought "You can buy one now?" Woohoo! The I realised my mistake. Probably couldn't afford one anyway, and they probably use a lot of electricity.