View Full Version : Equestrian Course at College

22-May-08, 21:19
just wondering if there's anyone here that has done the the equestrian course at the college as an adult learner or as a post grad??


22-May-08, 22:17
Hi, ive done the course, only the first stage of the night course and was really good! There is a lot to it and really worthwhile - especially when winter months set in

22-May-08, 22:32
Hey, I am hopefully about to finish my HNC which I have been doing part time in the evenings as an adult learner - just got a couple of credits to complete. Hopefully going on to do the HND after the summer.

23-May-08, 02:52
The equestrian centre is really good. Good place to work with horses.:)

23-May-08, 07:39
Yeah im doing the NC at night but wanted to know about full time as a post grad for payment and that