View Full Version : Ross Ironmongers?!

22-May-08, 20:57
Highly recommend helpful friendly staff gr8 prices, if they don't have what u want they will order it for u delighted....:Razz

22-May-08, 21:00
Meant to say they are down at the harbour beside citreon garage :roll:

22-May-08, 22:03
Meant to say they are down at the harbour beside citreon garage :roll:

In Thurso......:lol:

22-May-08, 23:17
Yeah down at thurso harbour if u know where ross paint shop is its behind that they've been there for about a year but I just found out from a friend when I had difficulties in another shop

23-May-08, 11:23
Since the shop opened they are our first port of call for anything from nails to boiler-suits and their customer service is second to none.

We had special carpet joiners bought in when we moved house and they were cheaper than Homebase would have been on a discount weekend and the cashback we would have earned on the spend and save card.

When we bought some new power tools we got a good discount, saving over 50 on the same items from Travis Perkins (then Thurso Building Supplies). Homebase could not compete on quality of products.

Ross shop even has the sanding belts to fit the "parkside" make Lidl promote, but never seem to carry spares for.

Definately worth a look as it is an aladdins cave.