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05-Jun-03, 13:24
I have yet another PC problem! I have no sound from my PC. I have windows XP and I have run all the tests etc in the sound and graphics section of the control panel. I have tried the microsoft help etc etc. I went and bought new speakers because I thought the old ones were knackered but its obviously a more serious problem!
Please can anyone help!! :~(

Wounded Soldier
05-Jun-03, 21:51
Inside your room where your PC is situtated there is brass or white rectangle shaped thing mounted on the wall.... put the plug into there and press the power button on the PC...........hey presto !!!!!

Sorry couldnt reisist, jus bored !! :cool:

05-Jun-03, 22:06
Ha Ha! [lol] [lol] [lol] Why didnt I think of that!

GROWL [mad]

06-Jun-03, 07:53
Thanks I will give that a go tonight. I am sick of my PC I just get one problem sorted and another one appears!

Thanks again

10-Jun-03, 10:15
Just think though, once you've fixed this problem, you'll know what to do next time it happens and you'll be able to help anyone you know who has the same problem.

If my PC never broke down, I would know nothing about them.