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20-May-08, 23:18
I ordered a computer stand for my brother, the courier was supposed to telephone an hour prior to delivery, but didn't happen. emailed to let them know, told it would arrive on Monday....never appeared and no telephone calls...........
so if you order anything from them, it may not be plain sailing!

21-May-08, 15:32
Jings, we live in Caithness...........Monday? which Monday you should have been asking.

Seriously we live to a different time scale here and it takes a bit of getting used to.

Some time ago we were quoted for some work to be done. It will take five days, Monday to Friday....in fact it took nearer five weeks. One different day each week being worked, so no lies told, just the different way of interperiting what was said originally.

21-May-08, 15:38
should have said, the order was placed a full seven days before the original date was quoted. and tesco did say that the courier had telephoned but got no answer (utter nonsense!!).

21-May-08, 21:20
takes much longer up here! I had a next day delivery from DHL, ordered Friday, received today!!! didn't expect it over the weekend but thought it might have made it by Tuesday.

the joys of living on an ISLAND! or so the delivery note stated :eek:

22-May-08, 15:21
aye remote! bloomin discrimination if you ask me.
grump :-[ grrr