View Full Version : Disturbing

20-May-08, 19:26
This just can't be right.


I want to be a Millionaire but I dont see anyone trying to help me out.

20-May-08, 19:30
think the world is going mad,and not for the better.what next.

27-May-08, 12:34
Oh my God!! I just found this post - has the world gone completely mad? How the hell can kids as young as 7 decide that they are the wrong gender?

Why oh why can't we just let them be kids?? [disgust]

27-May-08, 13:28
[evil] I think children should wait till they are at least 16 before even considering this concept. I am usually very much live and let live but this is beyond the pale. I remember my aunty saying that she wanted to be sterilised when she was 21 as she never wanted the worry of having children. She was about 30+ before they considered her for this. So for surgeons to be letting toddlers and children decide something as major and life changing as this is insane.

27-May-08, 14:37
oooooooooooooooooo dear