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15-May-08, 18:02
Is there anywhere in Caithness that does kick boxing?
My daughter (10) is a brown belt and wants to continue with her sport when we move up to Thurso.
Any hints appreciated.

15-May-08, 19:02
Hi Stefan , one of the lads at work and his wife both go to kick boxing up here ,i`ll speak to him tomorrow and get back to you unless someone else gives you the info before then

16-May-08, 17:47
Hi Stefan ,spoke to the bloke at work but due to insurance restrictions they are unable to take any members under 16

16-May-08, 18:15
Thanks for letting me know. Shame, she's been training since she was 7.
Must be somewhere in Caithness who does kids kickboxing?

16-May-08, 18:49
Seemingly they can only get certain insurance cover because of the grade of the instructor

29-May-08, 17:36
I used to do kids kickboxing here in Dunbeath, but due to business comitments and lecturing i didnt have the time to maintain the club. There is a club in scrabster as far as i am aware, but i am unsure what style of kickboxing they did.

What style was it your child trained?

If my schedule calms down a little, i may look at setting back up the MMA club, but we would be teaching mainly muay thai, maybe a little savate at the most.

However i no longer use a belt system, as i moved away from the traditional belt system several years ago, opting for a three tier system, of beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Spikes got a great karate club in Wick, and having trained a couple of his students in the past i have been very impressed with their kicking ability and hand speed, and if nothing else it would be good training.

The problem with kickboxing is that like many other martial arts their are a multitude of styles and approaches and we have never had many kickboxing clubs in caithness, i think my club which came from more of a Jeet Kune Do background and the one in Scrabster are or where the only two. Im not sure what type of kickboxing they do in Scrabster.

However, Spikes class is very good, there was, maybe still is a Choi Kwon Do (spelling!!) class, then their is Ray's Kempo class, although im not sure how much kicking is involved, but hes good a has a very good club and group going, and then their is the Kook Sool group, who i would imagine must do some kickboxing style work.


little miss sunshine
30-May-08, 20:54
can u please give me details on adult kick boxing