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14-May-08, 21:29
Hubbie ordered a rotovator from the Homebase tool hire leaflet, it actually came from HSS in Inverness, it arrived a day earlier than he was told (which would be good if he'd been home and not working, hence missing a days use), it was not even close to what the description said, it was a tiny little thing you'd use for turning over flower beds!
He rang HSS where it had come from and they admitted that it was not what they sould have sent, it wasn't even full of fuel as the description said it would be.
After speaking to Homebase Hire they agreed to refund his money, but only after accusing him of trying to get a bigger machine for nothing, they didn't even know that they'd subbed it out to HSS!
On the HSS delivery note it said the delivery fee was 70.00, hubbie asked Homebase Hire if they actually made any money out of it and the guy said 'no', they make a loss!
What is the point!?

Just wanted to add he did try and hire one from a local place but it was being repaired and not for hire.

Kevin Milkins
14-May-08, 22:00
It seems mad that anybody would want to do business that way ,but we live in a mad world . I have had a rotovator of one sort or another for many years as have alwys grown lots of veg. When we became white settlers we had to thin out a lot of stuff before moving north.
Because I have not got one now it seems everybody wants a man and rotovator. Grrrr I can see an investmant coming on.lol:confused