View Full Version : Decent Hotels

13-May-08, 23:19
The wife is off on Hols with her mum for a week in June so thought I may take the opertunity to visit the homeland for a couple of days instead of rattleing around the house by myself.

Which are the decent Hotels up there nowadays, nothing to fancy, no more than approx 125 a night. I will probibly spend one night in the Portlands (is it any good now) and possibly another night in wick.

Any recommendations?

14-May-08, 02:29
Take your pick anywhere for 125 a night. Mackays prob your best bet in wick.

14-May-08, 02:33
I would recommend the Nethercliffe hotel in louisburgh street,wick, or get a good bed and breakfast. Get someone to send you the tourist guide Guest house book.