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13-May-08, 22:28
Not been in a while but been loads of times and is definately worth recommending. Lovely food, lovely baking and huge slices of cakes. Soups I had there were great too and skinny lattes were lovely and great to have the option of one made with skimmed milk. Great customer service. First time I went shortly after it opened,owner I think spoke to us very chatty and very nice chap, he was so delighted with the response to the place. And can't say am surprised it got such a great response. Is very pleasant looking and has toys for the kids too. :D

14-May-08, 09:59
Should have added can be busy but I booked last time to make sure got the comfy sofas and was next to the box of kids toys lol Did not cost me any extra:D

14-May-08, 10:25
I agree with you; it is a great place! I sometimes call in after being on the beach with my dog and he gets a bowl of water while I'm at my coffee. I love sitting oustside and watching the world go by...and chatting to other customers of course!
P.S. and the food is to die for ...... :Razz

16-May-08, 01:01
yeah i luv the tempest there coleslaw is brill and toasties

16-May-08, 10:12
whare is this place? sounds good...

17-May-08, 12:59
thurso harbour