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13-May-08, 01:26
I would recommend The Northern Sands to anyone looking for an excellent meal. I was visiting the hotel with friends and it is the first time I have been there. The service was fine with lovely staff and the meal was to die for....and trust me, with the portions they give there I'm sure a few people have had to be rolled home. A lady across from myself had fish and chips and the fish alone could have done with another plate!! I personally chose the cajun chicken pasta and I highly advise everyone to try it! Not only was the food great but after our meal we went to sit at the bar and the bar maid was so friendly, it was a pleasure speaking to her and we hardly noticed the time flying by. All round a 10 out of 10 from me and I've booked in again for next weekend.

13-May-08, 09:05
Went there couple of weeks ago at the weekend, and I would say it was just average. have had a lot better, wont be rushing back

13-May-08, 09:10
Given the mods love of merging threads I am surprised that this one has not yet been merged with this one of almost the same title:


13-May-08, 15:41
I think the other thread should be sent to a comedy or joke section it is soooo hilarious, certainly shouldn't be in the recommendations section, above from n1babe is what you call a recommendation, the other thread was a complaint and sounds like sour grapes to me. Not only was the meal scoffed management gave free deserts. Sounds like great customer service to me, pacifying a customer who is complaining about a meal after cleaning their plate of it :D Well done to the Northern Sands for trying with what sounds like a difficult customer.

Bill Fernie
13-May-08, 17:37
The other thread has now been removed.

13-May-08, 18:00
The other thread has now been removed.

Why? It was an honest opinion.

13-May-08, 20:29
I think the other thread should be sent to a comedy or joke section it is soooo hilarious, certainly shouldn't be in the recommendations section

Does that mean if we find something we don't like we shouldn't let others know about.
Seems a bit a bit unfair to me.

13-May-08, 21:50
Sorry I just thought it had got out of hand and the recommendations thread said "Found something good, let everyone know about it."

14-May-08, 12:21
I've been to the Northern Sands hotel twice in the last few weeks now. They do a 'high tea', where you can get a main meal, tea/coffee and toast and some cake, all for under 9. Great value, great food.

16-May-08, 00:59
yeah i hav always found northern sands a great place

19-May-08, 22:44
Was at the Northern Sands last week for a special birthday dinner.

The waitress was friendly and helpful. The food was tasty with generous portions. And....I was given a complimentary bottle of fizz because it was a special occasion.