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03-Jun-03, 16:57
Hi All,
Not been about for a while, but i see the place has been pretty quiet :confused Anyway, i come for a reason, with the unfortuate end to Acid inc (last ever gig 26th June, Battle of the Bands, Wick High School) i find myself as a solo artist. I have begun writing new material for an EP , and am currently working under the name 'Almost Polly' I will be playing the Midsummer Madness, but with backing musicians. So the reson i mention all the above, is i am wondering of any other musicians who might be interested in colaborating, or maybe forming a part time thing through the summer? Dunno if anyone would be interested, but i figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

I'm into most things, but my biggest influences include, The Rolling Stones, The Dandy Warhols, Foo Fighters, The Who, Coldplay and bands of that sort, plus i am really into new more experimental bands like The Polyphonic Spree and The HIdden Cameras.

Thank all ;)


PS - If anyone knows any gigs, or slots/support slots, i'd be very greatful if you could let me know. d_more@hotmail.com.