View Full Version : uefa cup final

11-May-08, 21:15
for an armchair fan of rangers who likes to watch games in house .thought id sample cup final in a pub in thurso ,anyone know the best place for a blue nose to go

11-May-08, 21:24
The public bar in the park is known as the "rangers pub." I'm sure it'll be packed and a there'll be a good singalong.

If you want something quieter probably top joes, it is the generally the "celtic pub" but I'd have thought there will be a few rangers fans in there, and the extra plasma screens make watching the footy a lot better.

Failing that the weigh inn maybe? Not watched a game there for a while though.

Wherever you go, it'll be better than the tea shack on Tartan Alpha I'll be watching it in!

11-May-08, 22:02
not sure if Skinandis nightclub will show it on the big screen or not?

12-May-08, 01:16
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