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11-May-08, 13:51
Anybody had experience of DVD rental companies ie Lovefilm, Blockbuster, Tescofilms etc.
Sine Hector has had to close his doors we are thinking about making use of one of the above and would welcome any advice regarding value for money, quality of discs, speed of delivery and general customer service.

11-May-08, 15:59
Hi i use lovefilm and they are brilliant the dvds come well packed and they are very fast at delivering,the money is also good.

11-May-08, 19:19
I agree, I use lovefilm also. Very prompt with delivery and they have a good selection.

11-May-08, 19:48
Thanks folks.

12-May-08, 12:54
Signed up with Lovefilm ....getting the first fortnights trial for free....seems easy to use...loads of choices of films and a variety of package deals depending on individual usage...first two films are in the dispatch process...will let you know how I get on.
Thanks for your advice

24-May-08, 15:42
At the moment I'm with Amazon dvd rental. They're excellent, fast had no probs at all. Lovefilm are now taking over Amazon's customers, so fingers crossed that they'll provide as good a service. :D

29-May-08, 20:08
i use tesco, but they are supplied by love film, dvd's come quickly, although when ive had a series of dvd, eg lost, i have recieved them in the wrong order, but tesco did send me the correct dvd without adding to my monthly limit.

29-May-08, 21:57
oddly enough I was just looking this up myself today and getting the latest info about it.

Lovefilm have now started a a "pay as you go" option if that is preferable (i.e. with no fixed monthly amount) if you are only likely to dip into their selection occasionally for the odd hard to get movie, perhaps because you borrow movies from friends, usenet, torrents etc.. From what I can see it is 1.76 per movie which includes the postage to you and prepaid postage back to them.

05-Jun-08, 20:00
I have used lovefilm for some time now really efficient sometimes takes a while for them to get new releases but other than that gr8 - u also get vouchers to give out to friends etc ones I got last time were for 50 so if u know anyone that is with them u could ask if they have one u could have to try them out I will have a look to see if I have one left u could have that if I do