View Full Version : Marquee Hire?

10-May-08, 13:26
Does anyone know where you could hire a marquee from locally?

10-May-08, 14:57
Think Wick Scouts do? But dont quote me on this.

10-May-08, 15:42
I looking for one about 25' x 12', not too huge. Will try the suggestions, thank you.

10-May-08, 15:52
If you want a good looking marquee, buy one they are so cheap if you're wanting a smallish one.We got a 8m x 8m on -two tone, octagonal one with windows for 360. We had a quote to hire one which was pretty shabby at 500 for a day, fair enough it was bit bigger but not much.

11-May-08, 17:08
Fairly sure the Halkirk Games people have various marquees that may be for hire. I'd try contacting them (try via their website).