View Full Version : drycleaning in Thurso

08-May-08, 19:24
Simply, where would you recommend to get clothes drycleaned in Thurso?

08-May-08, 19:32
at the drycleaners :):)

08-May-08, 20:11
wick laundry have a agent in thurso, they pick up on a mon, wed and thursday. the agents is johnny gunns shoe shop. anything picked up on mon is usally delivered back wed, thurs,and most things picked up on wed will be returned on the thursday

08-May-08, 20:31
There is a drycleaners in thurso down beside reids chip shop beside the riverside Thurso launderette and drycleaners

14-May-08, 10:06
There is or was another up near the library was there not and of course the Wick delivery service, do they pick up from your house or what? Would save a trip to Launderetteif they come to you :lol:

14-May-08, 10:07
Should pay more attention is Gunns shoe shop to drop of dry cleaning lol Tired this morning :(

18-May-08, 20:20
Thurso Laundertette/ drycleaners do a pick up and delivery service tel num 893266