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06-May-08, 23:40
Local Band Lager Tops are playing in Weatherspoons,wick on Saturday 10th may
play a wide variety of songs from bands like the enemy,The View,
music genre ranges from indie/rock to the odd country classics ie.bad moon rising etc
come along and we guarentee u wil have an enjoyable night :D

09-May-08, 21:45
Was in the yard on sunday.. can say i will definatly be making an appearance tomoro night!!:) hope you get a good crowd!

10-May-08, 17:28
Who's in Lagertops?

I get to punch whoever says Stella Artois and Johnny Lemonade...

10-May-08, 17:33
The Band Consists Of-
Vocals- Ebo
Lead Guitar- Ryan Bain
Rhythm Guitar - Jamie Aitken
Bass - Michael Aitken
Drums - Ian Jones

10-May-08, 18:17
Cheers for that! Hev a good gig!

10-May-08, 18:21
Who's in Lagertops

stella artois & johnny lemonade buddy, thought you knew that:Razz

11-May-08, 15:07
went to see em and they were great, a thouroughly entertaining evening

11-May-08, 20:26
stella artois & johnny lemonade buddy, thought you knew that:Razz

Am a man of my word...yee'd better start wearin' a Crash Helmet if ur no wantin' at dunt in e puss!!!:lol: