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02-Jun-03, 22:03
Just wondering if anyone knows of yellow dust that is appearing on cars and windows and practically anything around Caithness. Would just like to know what it is. It has puzzled me cause it looks like its coming down with the rain.

Id be glad if anyone could help!!!



George Brims
03-Jun-03, 00:13
A thing you would never have found in Caithness 50 years ago - pollen from TREES! The pollen from pine/spruce etc is wind-borne and will come down with the rain. On the campus where I work you would sometimes swear they had painted the walkways yellow the day after rain.

03-Jun-03, 09:30
Last week I washed the car inside and out, waxed and then T-cutted it and the next day it was covered in yellow dust!

Would also like to know what it is? Could be pollen not sure tho!


03-Jun-03, 16:27
Yep it be pollen, strange though as it does not seem to be affecting my hayfever.


03-Jun-03, 22:03
Well its affecting mine..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachooooooooooooooooooooo

04-Jun-03, 14:10
Well its affecting mine..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachooooooooooooooooooooo

Hope u feel better soon, fingers crossed mines doesna start i have no say i know nothing that casn make me feel worse than a bad dose of hayfever!!!!

04-Jun-03, 16:53
Uranium Oxide, also called 'cake' is composed of yellow powder!

04-Jun-03, 19:32
It cant be Uranium though. And if it is whats it doing to everyones insides.

06-Jun-03, 11:54
I don't know about anyone's insides but that font looks radio-active!

10-Jun-03, 10:11
Wet pollen wont do you any harm, its the dry dusty sort that I'm dreading. The fact that its coming down in the rain is sending me off to the chemists to ready up for the hell that will be my summer. ?:o(

NOW IS THE TIME PEOPLE, get into yer garden and lop the heads of anything that might have pollen in it, we need everyone's help to beat this brutal affliction!!!!! hehe

10-Jun-03, 20:41
I dont know if this is true or not but it probally wont do you any harm. If you suffer from hayfever that is badly caused by pollen rather than the fresh cut grass type that some people suffer from then have a teaspoon of local honey every day. The more local the better as aparently the bees that collect the pollen somehow pass on a natural imunity to your local pollens into the honey.
If it works then you can send me a thank you note on the back of a fresh crisp 5 if not it was worth a try!

Bill Fernie
10-Jun-03, 22:17
Yes it is definitely pollen as the council have had many enquries and have had it looked at to make sure.

17-Jun-03, 08:51
I've not heard that there is "natural immunity" passed on through honey, but I had heard that it can work like the immunisations you get as a child. The honey contains a little of the local pollen, so with each spoonful, your body builds a natural defence against it. Same difference I suppose ?;o)

17-Jun-03, 22:01
Suffered a bit myself in the past. Found this stuff to work a treat.
Nelson's POLLENNA its called and can be found in any half decent health shop.

18-Jun-03, 20:41
You dont get pollen on trees you silly things!! only in flowers!!

Are you sure its not just sand or something??

Fi! :)

18-Jun-03, 21:39
Sorry, FairyFi, say again? No pollen from trees? Say you jest, you silly thing!!!

18-Jun-03, 21:49
How can you get pollen on trees? There isnt any... there just all...leafy?
If there was pollen on trees there would be lots of bees flying around the trees. And there isnt! they always go around flowers... dont they?
You all being silly again? Dont make fun of the stupid girl :(

18-Jun-03, 22:36
I think I may be walking into a wind-up... but just in case, take a look here:

'Often clouds of dustlike pollen can be seen floating from wind-pollinated trees.' (http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/p1/pollen.asp)

Didn't mean to make fun of you, but have you never noticed flowers in trees???

18-Jun-03, 22:40
there are flowers in trees? ill keep a look out for them!! :)
i stand corrected!
just goes to showu learn something new every day! :)

18-Jun-03, 22:41
there are flowers in trees? ill keep a look out for them!! :)
i stand corrected!
just goes to showu learn something new every day! :)