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07-Jul-01, 19:49
Can you please tell me what the Custom House was, or is, used for at Scrabster?

14-Jul-01, 17:19
I think it was and still is the offices of the local Customs & Excise Department.

Correct me anybody if I'm wrong.

Niall ?;o)

05-Aug-04, 13:06
it is a private house now, not sure who it belongs to, there is a shed on the pier that the Customs & Excise use now

05-Aug-04, 13:14
wasn't it up for lease just short ago, think it belongs to the trust

05-Aug-04, 16:12
on the terminal building at the rear overlooking the entrance to the harbours is an old brass plate that i assume was once the customs office.
the last rumour i heard was the new building being built at the entrance to the harbour area at the end of the A9 is going to be the new offices.

then again i could be totalll wrong